Sage 50 Import

Integra-Portation is a software allowing you to import Excel or Access data into Sage 50, it is adaptable to your needs. Convenient, inexpensive, this software will help you avoid entering duplicate data by reducing the risk of errors and loss of time.

If you use other software to make your inputs such as billing or customer orders or purchase order or supplier invoice, import your transactions into Sage 50 in one click.

We  recently add the function of importing  supplier price list in the inventory module.

No need to reformat your data to make it compatible with the function Import Sage 50.

Supports Multi-Currency.

Example of use

  • You receive an excel or csv file your payroll service we automate the Import-general log of transactions
  • You are using an Access database for billing transferring the sales invoices into Sage 50
  • You want to update the supplier price list in inventory module.
  • You have software your order and purchase non compatible with Sage 50, Integra-Portation will do the bridge with Sage 50 and import transactions.

We can customize it to your needs.

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Download Intégra-Portation